Focus dan Scope

Published articles may use the perspectives of various fields of science, both specifically and multidisciplinary. The scope of the published writings contains public issues or problems and their solutions or solutions, especially those containing novelty for the community in the fields of:

1. Social science and political science
2. Educational Sciences (Management and Policy)
3. Economics and Business (Management, Development Economics, Accounting and Taxation)
4. Science (Management, Innovation, E-gov, etc.)
5. Legal Studies (including Criminology)
6. Public Health Sciences and Medicine (Management)
7. Agricultural Science, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Marine, etc (Management and Policy)
8. Cultural Studies and Literature (History, Anthropology, etc.)
9. Humanities
10. Psychology (Social Psychology)

The types of articles published by JRaPIK can be in the form of research articles, book review articles or literature studies and academic manuscripts or policy papers.